Monday, June 22, 2009

2001-??-?? - Splendid Pointless Questions

Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes tackles some POINTLESS QUESTIONS


What's the worst "day job" you've ever had?

Kevin Barnes: I worked at a donut shop called Krispy Kreme. I was responsible for making the donuts. It was surprisingly difficult because there were about six steps to the process and all six had to be performed at the same time. I wasn't very good at it and there would be donuts falling everywhere and batter all over the floor. Needless to say my position there was short lived.

PC or Mac (or Linux/etc.)? Why?

Kevin Barnes: I have a PC but for no other reason then I didn't know anything about computers and my friend helped me assemble one.

What is your definition of a "good person"?

Kevin Barnes: Someone who is compassionate and intelligent and improves the world around them.

What is the dumbest fashion trend of the last hundred years?

Kevin Barnes: The dumbest one in my opinion is cosmetic braces for your teeth. My mind was blown when I heard people were getting braces not because they needed them but because it was the hip thing to do.

If you could elect to never, ever, ever have to kiss one particular person now living, who would that person be?

Kevin Barnes: Pat Buchanan.

What's your position on gun control?

Kevin Barnes: I think hand guns and automatic weapons should be outlawed.

What album or albums in your music collection would you have to replace immediately if they wore out, were stolen, etc.?

Kevin Barnes: The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society, The Boredoms' Super R, Kevin Ayers' Joy of a Toy.

You are able to get away with murder once, and only once. Who, if anyone, do you kill?

Kevin Barnes: I would kill Murray Wilson for being such an abusive father to Brian.

You're stuck at my house. It's your turn to cook. What meal do you cook me?

Kevin Barnes: Crepes with peaches served near a lactating mule.

If you could make a rock 'n' roll porn movie, who would be your two co-stars?

Kevin Barnes: Chan Marshall from Cat Power and Francoise Hardy.

What's the most evil thing in the world?

Kevin Barnes: People who abuse children or animals.

You have the power to bring one famous dead person back to life. Who's it gonna be?

Kevin Barnes: I would bring back Vladimir Nabokov because I think he would find it interesting to be brought back to life. I would also like for him to write some more novels for us.

Was Betsy Ross hot for George Washington?

Kevin Barnes: Who wasn't?

What "official version" of a historical event do you most suspect to be a load of crap?

Kevin Barnes: The original Thanksgiving.

What is the "most wanted" item on your holiday wish list?

Kevin Barnes: I would love a Roland Space Echo in perfect working order.

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While constantly busy with Of Montreal and its various associated offshoots, Kevin Barnes is probably eagerly anticipating the release of his band's next full-length album, Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies, which is expected in April 2001.

-- George Zahora

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