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2006-03-16 - Optical Atlas

6 Questions with: Dottie Alexander
Published Thursday, March 16, 2006 by Jeff | E-mail this post

Dottie Alexander is the resident keyboardist at Of Montreal.

1) How did you initially become involved with Of Montreal?

Of Montreal initially began as a 3 piece in 1997 with Kevin (of course), Derek Almstead on drums, and Bryan Poole on bass. In '98 Bryan left to play full-time with Elf Power (he's since made his glorious return to us) and Derek moved to bass. The band's sound was expanding a bit and Kev needed someone to play keyboards as well as a new drummer. Jamey and I were playing shows around Athens as Lightning Bug vs. Firefly which was just the two of us on drums and keyboards. Not only were we a ready-made package deal, but we were so darn cute back then! The two of us joined up to play this big E6 festival thing in Florida and never looked back.

2) Has anything interesting happened on the most recent tour that you'd like to share?

Well, something interesting happens every day, but what sticks out? Hmm... Matt Dawson knocked himself out stage diving in Virginia. That's kind of interesting. I saw the world's largest hairball in the basement of a monastery in Oregon. It was cut from the stomach of a 300 pound pig. That was interesting as well.

3) What are your thoughts on the band's increasing popularity of late?

Well, it's all a bit hard to process at the moment. (I'm writing this from SXSW.) Of course it's great to see so many people at the shows--it's just not fully sunken in yet.

4) Which do you prefer, performing live or recording?

Both, but if I had to choose I'd say performing live.

5) Barbara Walters-style personal, probing question: Your MySpace blog mentions that you recently tried to quit smoking; how's that going?

Terrible. Smoking right now, actually.

6) When do we get a My First Keyboard album?

Hmmm. Never? Yeah. Probably never. (But thanks for asking.)

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