Thursday, June 25, 2009

2008-11-21 - Drowned In Sound

by Andrzej Lukowski

Surprisingly, horses and unsavoury sexual accessories are off the menu as Of Montreal’s pervert-in-chief shares five things he loves with DiS.

And - ahem - speaking of that, one thing DiS loves is Of Montreal’s new, X-rated kaleidoscope of an album Skeletal Lamping, which you can currently vote for alongside 49 inferior records (I may be biased) in Rough Trade and DiS’s People’s Voice Prize.

The Wurdle ap for my iPhone

This game is crazy addictive! I don't even know why, since I'm not that into Scrabble or Boggle or other word games. I am weird about games though. I can go years without playing any, and then discover one that I freak on for a month straight. I was like that for Metroid and the first Legend of Zelda too. Wurdle is basically a game where you try to find words within a jumble of letters. It sounds boring but, for some reason, the whole band is hooked on it right now.


While I'm on the subject, my iPhone is probably my favourite possession at the moment. It's really the coolest phone ever. I mean, I've got a four-track recorder, a guitar tuner, a satellite map of the world, a GPS device, loads of games/songs/films/photos... all in my pocket. I feel sort of embarrassed by my own enthusiasm for this, but I can't lie, this device is the bitch.

'Sex Shooter'

This is a fantastic song, sung by Apollonia and written by Prince. I love her voice on this. It's just the right combination of slutty and playful. Purple Rain is one of my all time fave films, and the scene of Apollonia 6 performing this song is so hottt! I was only like 14 when I first heard/saw it, but some erections, it would seem, last a lifetime.

Jimmy Stewart films

I love JS. Whenever shit gets too crazy, I can always watch one of his films and come down a bit. My faves are You Can't Take It With You, The Philadelphia Story, Rope, Harvey, Bell, Book And Candle, Anatomy Of A Murder and Rear Window. He looks so handsome and seems so charming and cool. English-language cinema, in the 1930s through the 50s, was quite rad. Some of my other favourite actors from that time period are Cary Grant, Clark Gable and John Barrymore. My favourite film from that era is either All About Eve, The Great Dictator or The Sweet Smell Of Success... or The Magnificent Ambersons or The Maltese Falcon... I don't know, there are far too many to choose from!

The Cleveland Browns

The Browns are my all time favourite sports team. I've loved them since I was a kid, and my obsession/enthusiasm hasn't waned at all over the years. I can rattle off (pretty much) the starting offense and defensive squads without much deliberation. My fanhood for a major sports team makes me a bit of an oddity in the indie-rock world but I don't care. It's not something I choose to foster, I just can't help myself. The thing about the Browns is that they're the sort of team that finds a way to lose more often than win. They might be leading the opposition by a seemingly unapproachable margin, only to completely choke and somehow manage to lose in the end. It's been that way ever since I was a child. All the same, every year I nervously watch every game possible and scream and cheer (mostly scream) at the TV as the Browns march back and forth across the field. Then at night I lie in bed and replay each moment of the game in my head and anguish over each mistake. It's kind of a curse actually.

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