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Saturday, October 15, 2005

OK, so it's been a while, but my head's been threatening to explode from over-stimulation. We're in Tokyo, and it's our last day in Japan. We've really ran the gamut over here--playing everything from a big outdoor festival in Kyoto, to a little club show in Nagoya (we really went nuts at that one--Kevin perfected his new concept make-up of "nose liner" and we performed a 15 minute noise jam while he danced around in my tights and underwear), to the hip Shibuya show in Tokyo. It's been a simultaniously amazing and humbling experience, and I have mixed feelings about leaving. Tonight we're playing a late night unplugged show (easy night for me) and we have most of the day free. I'm off to find some weird Adidas, cause man, they got em.

I'll check in from the States. Peace on yo mothas! Dot

PS the main shopping street in Harajiku is called "Takeshita"

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I feel like Ralph Machio

So things have been crazy, sexy cool thus far!! Our first show was unexpectly fun--we played a live show on Japanese national radio opening for Robyn Hitchcock, who ended up inviting Jamey to play drums with him for most of his set!! We all ended up going out for food and drinks in this hillarious posse and got many pointers from Robyn, who I hereby declare to be the coolest guy in the biz. There seems to be a certain solidarity amoung westerners abroad over here with everyone sharing in the wonder of discovering Japan.

Currently we are in Fukuoka, which is on a southern island, staying at our friend Sakamoto's parents' house. It's really interesting to be in a traditional Japanese home--every inch of the place is full of strange antiques, shrines to the ancestors, glass cases full of what appears to be samuri weapons, etc. His family is incredibly gracious (we just had a hardy breakfast of miso soup and salad) and we're trying our best to be polite and inoffensive. :)

So, we're off to enjoy our "relax day". We finally get to play again tomorrow. I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Much love, Dot

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